Like any other type of stringed instrument, pianos need to be tuned. Whether a piano is played frequently or if a piano simply sits idle, tension of the piano strings will vary over time, resulting in the piano eventually going out of tune.

Pianos have over 200 strings with about 150 lbs. tension each. That totals around 30,000 lbs. of tension. As a result, pianos are constantly dropping in tension and in pitch. Most manufacturers recommend that a piano is tuned at least twice a year. If your piano has gone without tuning for more than one year, it may have dropped in both tension and pitch.

If your piano has dropped in pitch too much over time to be brought back up in just one piano tuning, an extra tuning will most likely be required. If this is the case, please call me or send a request for a quote, and I will recommend some piano services options for you.

Regular piano tuning will ensure a richer and more consistent musical sound. Regular tuning will also protect your investment, extend your piano’s longevity, and help to avoid costly future restorations and repairs.

I have years of experience in the most demanding situations, and my number one priority is delivering quality piano services to all of my customers.